British India Discussion Circle

British India Discussion Circle

British India Discussion circleFrom the 17th to the 20th century over three million Britons served in India and South Asia in the military, the government or as part of the prosperous community. The British India Discussion Circle is designed to assist those GSV members who are researching these British ancestors


  • To bring together GSV members with a common interest in British India.
  • To enable the discussion of ‘brick walls’ and to help solve them.
  • To review resources available at the GSV, around Melbourne, nationwide, overseas and online to assist members’ research.Members are encouraged to bring to meetings any relevant documents or family information


The Circle will meet in the GSV meeting room on the third Tuesday of each month, 12pm – 1 pm, commencing with the inaugural meeting on April 17.

Who may join?

Only GSV members may attend the British India Discussion Circle. There is no additional fee; it is included as part of the annual subscription. New members are very welcome as the broader the collective research experience of the Circle membership, the greater the benefit for individual members.

How to join

Email the convener, Mary Anne Gourley at with the subject heading ‘GSV British India Discussion Circle’.
More information is available from the convener or GSV admin: phone 9662 4455 or email