Honours and Past Presidents


It is possible for Members to be recognised for their respective special contributions to the work and life of the Society by the award of an honour.  As is right and proper, none of these honours is conferred indiscriminately.  There are three classifications:  Certificate of Appreciation, Medal for Meritorious Service and Fellowship.  The Certificate is intended to recognise continued, valuable, voluntary service.  The Medal is intended to recognize consistent, significant or meritorious voluntary work over a reasonably long period in the fulfillment of the Society's purposes.  Fellowship, being the highest award within the power of the Society to bestow, is reserved for those who have rendered distinguished service.  

Although reliance is often placed on Councilors and Staff having close contact with members deserving of recognition to provide nominations, other members are reminded that they are eligible to consider appropriate colleagues for an award.

The following is a list of those who have been honoured as a Fellow.

Our Past Presidents (from 1941) are also listed to honour their leadership.


1949   WETTENHALL, Dr. Roland, Ravenscroft.       1983    WALL, Elizabeth.
1962 HENDERSON, Alexander. 1984 FLAHAVIN, James.
1962 WOLLASTON, Henry, Newton, Spencer.                  1984 STEPHEN, Lester, Roy.
1962 GRANT, Donald, William, Morrison. 1985 GILLESPIE, John, D.
1962    GUNSON, Dr. Walter, Niel. 1988 COMPTON, Brigadier, Edward, James.
1963 BAKEWELL, Louise, Eileen. 1988 LORRAINE, Allan, George.
1963 DAVIS, Charles, Edward, Strudwicke. 1988 PEARCE, Iris, Evelyn.
1968 JOWETT, Captain, Arthur, Craven. 1989 MILLER, Anthony, C.
1968 NAYLOR, Evelyn, Hilda. 1989 REYNOLDS, Sylvia, Lois.
1968 ROBERTSON, Ida, Evelyn. 1993 HOOPER, Linley, Maree.
1971         LASCELLES, Walter, George. 1994        HILL, Talbot Roland.
1973 RUNTING, Muriel, Eleanor. 1995 SAUNDERS, Yvonne.
1975 BROWNLEE, Allan, Lindsay, Arnold. 1996 TOBIN, June, Olive.
1976 BAINES, James, A. 1997 de SERVILLE, Paul, Hamilton, H.
1976 MORGAN, Marjorie, J. 1997 REYNOLDS, Graeme, Arthur.
1977 HOLDEN, Keith. 1999 MEYER, Maureen, Patricia.
1980 VAUGHN, Eileen, Doris. 1999 PUGSLEY, Eleanor, Margaret.
1980 WILKIE, James, Elliott. 1999 ROY, Joy.
1980 WILLS, Hilda, Joan. 2001 ALLAN, Elisabeth, Anne.
1980 YOUNG, Chrissie, Gertrude. 2004 MARKS, Elizabeth, Ellen.
1981 HOWARD, Geoffrey, F.G. 2004 SHARPE, Kathleen, Elizabeth.
1981 LEASK, Brian, Chalmers. 2007 BERRY, Leslie, Anne.
1981 READ, William, J.H. 2011 MONTOGOMERY, Vicki.
1983 DUNN, Harry, L. 2012 FINCHER, Alan.
1983       STEPHEN, Major, Carlyle.                                 2014      LUCKMAN, Clive.

Honorary Fellows

1964      ALDRINGEN, H.S.H. Prince Alfonso Clary.                 1964    VALYNSEELE, Joseph.  
1964 HOHENLOHE, Prince Franz Josef.         1970 SWAN, Dr. Conrad, York Herald of Arms.
1964 SCHWARZENBERG. H.S.H. Prince Charles.  1989 ROBINSON Dr Portia.

Past Presidents

1941-1949      WETTENHALL, Roland, R.                               1990-1997       REYNOLDS, Graeme, A.
1949-1961    WOLLASTON, Henry, N.S.           1997-1999 DAVEY, Geoffrey.
1961-1973 BAKEWELL, Louise, E 1999-2002 WEATHERILL, David, W.
1973-1979 BROWNLEE, Allan, L.A. 2002-2008 LUCKMAN, Clive.
1975 BLAZÉ, Benjamin, A. 2008-2012 ARTHUR, Anthony (Tony).
1979-1983 STEPHEN, Major, Carlyle. 2012-2015 BLACKWOOD, John.
1983-1985 CROMPTON, Brigadier, Edward (Ted).      2015-2018  DOWN, David. 
1985-1987 LORRAINE, Allan, G. 2018-current  REDMAN, Jenny.
1987-1990          FULLARTON, Bruce, S.