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Bill Barlow
26 June 2017

At this Blog - Family History Matters - you can find reports about the various activities and groups at the GSV, news about our library and resource collection, book reviews and articles of interest about family history and genealogy.  It is a way to keep in touch as a member or to discover what GSV can offer you as a soon-to-be-member.

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The GSV Blog also welcomes those who share our interest in Family History matters and who may not (yet) be GSV Members. For 'less than a cup of coffee a week' (to use that universal measure) you can join the GSV and 'discover your own world of family history'.  There is so much information available online, that now, more than ever, you can benefit from the help and support GSV can provide in your quest.

We welcome the submission of short articles for possible publication as posts on this Blog. These can be sent to the Editors for consideration. Authors will be credited and consulted about any proposed editing. Publication is at the discretion of the editors to meet timing and other obligations.  Material should be the original work of the person submitting and the submitter should have obtained all permissions and copyright approvals. The views expressed in any posts are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the GSV.  Generally the GSV's Style Guide for its journal, Ancestor, will apply (you can see this on our website http://gsv.org.au/ancestor-journal/guidelines-for-authors.html). However, references would rarely be required.  Our Blog posts aim to be brief and engaging or informative in a more relaxed style. We invite you to add your comments on the Blog and, especially, to share it with others who may be interested.  You can most easily do this via its link to Facebook or Twitter. You can go here: http://gsv.org.au/gsv-home/why-join.html to find out more about GSV member benefits and to join.

We hope you enjoy the Blog and that it stimulates you to find and tell your own family stories.

The Editors

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